V2O Sports

At V2O Sports, we’re here for anyone looking to take their sporting experience to the next level. We focus on high-performance, precision sports-tech. Our aim is to innovate to provide market-leading performance: not only in what we create, but in how we bring it to you, the athlete.

We are extremely proud of our pioneer range of sports glasses. After extensive prototype testing, we believe we have developed perfect design. Ultra secure, stylish and built with comfort as a priority, they weigh-in at just over 19g, approximately a third lighter than any other ‘lightweight’ pair you’ll find on the market. What’s more, while other options will require high costs and long lead-times to deliver, our focus on world-class operations means you will receive your glasses within just a few days at an unbeatable price. We’re committed to bringing this level of style, quality, precision and accessibility to everything bearing the V2O brand.

With innovation at the forefront of our design, every single one of our products is made with the needs of the sportsperson in mind. We have tested our products with top athletes and obtained ringing endorsement - an important hygiene factor. As such, you can rest assured that your passion is in the safest of hands.

Our Values

Here at V2O Sports, we share your passion for sport and fitness. We understand your desire to push yourself to be the best ‘you’ you can be. To cycle faster, run further, jump higher. We strive to reflect that in every facet of our business. We push ourselves every day to provide the best products, the best service and build the best reputation with our customers.

Like any serious athlete, we are ambitious and determined. We are so excited for our journey to making rival sports a brand name synonymous with our aspirations and value. And we look forward to bringing you, our fellow athletes on our journey too. Here’s to us all achieving our personal bests, again and again and again.